How do i use remote events to send info only from server to server?

I’m using a remote event to shorten my scripts but my event has to do with the player’s leaderstats, how can i prevent hackers from changing the stats’s values or firing the event locally?

You could try using a bindable event to send info from server to server BindableEvent (

Just handle the checking on the server, and make sure to implement your main configuration scripts inside ServerScriptService

Exploiters/Hackers can’t really see the following things in their view:

  • ServerStorage
  • ServerScriptService

Hence why you’ll have to check your replication sanity checks on the server if you can most of the time

I believe there’s no proper way to prevent an exploiter firing an RemoteEvent, but what you could do is check to see if they’re either firing the Event too much times on the Server