How do like my park?

So I’m starting to work for an RP game for “Ixo Studio” and I want feedback on the map.


It’s really good but i think you can add trees :+1:


It looks really interesting so far, I think I’d be able to input more if I knew what it was about though.

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Some parts are blocky , while others are realistic, so I think you should make the whole build blocky or the whole build realistic. it isnt good to mix the two of them.


Enable decoration because the grass will help it to give it a better look. I also recommend changing the color of the terrain and add some hills to give it more depth.

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It doesn’t really seem that the people on the monkey bars have a place to land. Also, the play equipment is a bit random. And the wally things aren’t aligned properly.

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It looks like it has lots of potential if you keep continue working on it. Like @goldy13343 said, you should add trees.


Not gonna lie it kind of looks like a prison courtyard? (I think that’s what it’s called) with the orange and black and grey colours pretty dark unless that’s the look you’re going for, but when I think of a park I kind of think of bright colours on like the slides or swings, lots of trees and grass etc. Good start, but could use some work.

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