How do make this frame stay in the same relative position on mobile?


I am having trouble making this frame position properly on mobile

as you can see on the right side, this is how it should be, in line with the other 3 small buttons. On the left you see how it looks on mobile, it stays in the same spot even tho both frames are children of the 1 and the same frame. I also tried putting them inside yet another frame, just hving the button on its own without the frame and messing with anchoring and position but no luck. Hopefully someone here can tell me how to make it scale properly with the rest of the gui.

Thank you for your time

Hey! Many people have this problem. What you can do:

Put the anchorpoint at (.5,.5) on the frames. This will lock it in the center, no matter the device.
You can use this when resizing


AutoScale Lite

Final thing you can do - ad aspectratioconstraints to your guis, so they are the same size, no matter the device. You can also do that via the plugin, or simply insert it yourself. These will keep them the same size relative to your screen.

That is my answer to this similar thread. It is not the whole answer, I suggest reading through this more:

Hope that helps. If it does, please mark it solved, so people know it is done (and future people can find it)