How do roblox proxys work

Hello, im new to this proxy thing so I need help. I know how it works like how its used normally
1 stands for group id and when you do that it gives you the information of the group

Im trying to send this output to a discord webhook. Can you please help

I think this is what you are looking for:

Sorry no, I dont mean that. I mean how can I send proxy output to discord webhook

Have you tried looking up youtube videos or viewed discord’s tutorials on the webhooks page? I know that would work.

Also you should know that making a webhook to send output messages (like errors) to discord is not allowed.

Not errors like outputs like this:


What exactly do you need a webhook for?

I mean i just want to learn how do roblox proxys work and I thought it would be better if I started with discord

This article might have your answer.

You know what, im done with this messy thing no more programmer title. Bye