How do we implement a feature in our own game to put desktop players with desktop players, mobile players with tablet users


That math.random thing is no longer the case. That was fixed by @subcritical I believe


Ahh rip :pensive:
It would be very useful


Well, there is a literal and simpler way to tackle this. This requires changing the settings of the place on site. You would need to:

  1. Configure Place
  2. Go to the Access Tab
  3. Select what platforms you want supported.

As it is a Roblox Setting, I am highly confident that this will not lead to any false positives.


Yes it is true. What are you talking about? There is no explicit way to fetch the device a user is using. What you provided is a workaround (which I don’t see how it’s relevant or useful? you simply suggested throwing a randomseed and apparently that relates to device detection?).

The only ways provided for you to “detect devices” is to see what input is being passed (which I already explained in my response - you could’ve caught this by reading the entire sentence over nitpicking a single sentence in which explanation followed to explain why said so) or using workarounds like the one you suggested. That isn’t checking for devices. Checking devices would be something like UserInputService:GetUserDeviceType() or something along that line.

Patched or not, this isn’t explicit device detection. This is using an alternative method which wasn’t even intended behaviour to try and figure that information out.


It is relevant, or rather was. I didn’t know it’s been fixed, but it did work and it was accurrate, workaround or not. That’s why I said it’s the best way of all the ways I know, because my other ways are similar to yours (i.e. checking the IsWindows property). What I didn’t know is that it doesn’t work anymore, so sorry about that, I just thought I would add something which hasn’t been said.

Anyways, in my opinion the best way to do something like OP wants to without making separate platform-specific places woule be to ask the player what device are they on, just like some games do (Bubble Gum Sim for instance). If that doesn’t suit you then you can always aim for input checks, but as colbert already said, they aren’t able to determine the device type with 100% accuracy.


Can you file a bug with details? Experimental mode is gone so it should no longer be inhibiting anything.


That isn’t the way I want it, I’m aware of this setting, I mean there is a game, the Same game but a certain platform with a certain platform on the game.


Yes, I have.