How do we send global announcements?

Well, I was wondering about how you actually send global announcements. It has been 2 months ever since they have announced that it won’t work. So any ideas on how to do global announcements? It’s quite a while that there was no feedback given.

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The easiest way to do global announcements at this point in time is to utilize MessagingService. If you’re not going to utilize the service, you can create your own global announcement system by utilizing HttpService.

MessagingService works perfectly fine at this time. However you need to be on the Beta List in order to use it. There is a thread in #inception-forum that allows you to request to be added to the list.


Hm… Alright, how do I use the message service? Anyways, I requested for beta list.

You’ll be able to use MessagingService once you’ve officially been added to the list. So you’re going to need to wait until that is finalized. For API, you’re going to need to utilize PublishAsync and SubscribeAsync.