How Do You Add A Tool To Someone's Inventory In Your Game

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I have a question for you! How Do You Add A Tool To Someone’s Inventory In Your Game? For example, I might do a giveaway and someone wins a magic carpet (tool) in my game, how would I give them that tool without them buying a gamepass? There must be some script or some Roblox plugin which allows me to do this. Now, I only want to give this tool to this one person, not everyone in the server. I hope to get some good answers.

Snowflake (@SnowflakeForest10)

In my case, I held a giveaway and one person won. The prize was a free gravity coil (a tool in my game). How can I send this person the gravity coil using a script or Roblox plugin?


One simple way is by checking the userId of the player when they join through a server script. And if the player’s userId matches with the userId of the winner, give that player the special item.

There’s also DataStoreService, but unless your game actually requires lots of things to be saved for the player, you’re better off sticking to the first option.

Thanks for your message! However, I am asking how to you give them the item using a plugin or script. I am not asking how to find the user in-game.

Player A wins the prize, to give the prize only to Player A, check that the player which joined has the same UserId of Player A.


         if player.UserId == "Winner's UserId Here" then
            -- Give the player the prize
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Thankyou! I think the script works. But, do I replace the “Give the player the prize” with something else such as a line of script?

Clone the prize from server storage and parent the clone to the player’s backpack.

Also consider using CharacterAdded after PlayerAdded function to ensure the player has been fully loaded.

Here, I’ve done it before and it’s relatively easy, make a server script, make a table of user ids you want with this tool, when a player joins use table.find to check if they have the user id, if they do clone the tool to the players backpack.

The player’s Backpack is the place where all the tools are stored.

So, to give the player a tool, you have to make a clone of the tool and parent it to player.Backpack. And they’ll receive the tool, done :+1:

Thanks! How do I create a player backpack though?

local Player =  "player" ------player here
local item = "item" -----here item you want give
local backpack = Player.Backpack
---- Clone item script ----
local giveitem = item:c()
giveitem.Parent = backpack

this script will clone item to player inventory /(backpack)

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You see, your code won’t work because it needs to include the location of the item and it just puts in the player’s username. Here is a revised version of your code:

local Player ={"Stickpuppet"} --You can put multiple Roblox usernames here if you want.
local item = game.ServerStorage:FindFirstChild("ItemName") --Item's name, also change location if necessary

local giveGift = item:Clone().Parent = game.Players:FindFirstChild(Player).Backpack --I am unsure if the parent part works 100%

I don’t have access to Roblox studio at the moment to test it so let me know if I did anything wrong.

did you forget to add player.Name like this

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The backpack is already created by roblox.

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