How do you come up with ideas for maps

Had you ever had that feeling that you cant come up with maps or you don’t know what else to add to make your maps look good, what is the best thing you will recommend when you are in that situation.this post is just to see what the community would do.


Try to put this in Development Discussion next time because you’re asking what we would do.

I would add benches, food stands, trees, a river, a bridge, more roads. Stuff like that.


Usually ideas can come in variety of different ways, you can gather map ideas from having a few reference images by your side or base them of off the genre your making the game in through inspiration. While trying to gather ideas can be difficult you should brainstorm ideas and find a concept.

The second question seems self explanatory; maps don’t need a bunch of items to look good. If your finding inspiration with reference images that can be used as a guide, this can help fill in empty spaces or help you gather small ideas to make certain areas fit the area your building.

In other cases you can find a few helpful resources throughout the forum, that can help solve situations in the future.


First of all, I would like to refer to @Pancake4878’s post

I feel like he’s just right here, because he’s asking us what we would do, for him to get an idea of how to get ideas for a map that he’s possibly trying to build. If the post would be in the wrong category, fellow DevForum staff would fix the issue by moving the topic.

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First of all, hi developer!

I’m glad you’re looking for ideas on the Roblox Developer Forum, since you have a bunch of community members who share the same interest and wanna help you with your experience on Roblox and in studio.

I feel like you should take inspirations from google references, other roblox games, Twitter and perhaps some other DevForum posts.

Coming up with ideas can be difficult at times, but I’m sure you will find the most fitting reference for you!

Goodluck, and have a good one!