How do you convert a math formula into programming language?

so, i’ve been struggling trying to understand some advanced algorithm, no matter how much i read it, i cant seem to understand any of it.

for example :
the math formula is like this,Source
Math Formula

but… in the programming language all those stuff became like this! (source is from a bezier curve module created by Nighttimeninja314 in free models)

local pointsTB = points	
repeat wait() 
local ntb 	=	{}
	for k,v in ipairs(pointsTB) do
		if k ~= 1 then
			ntb[k-1] = pointsTB[k-1]:lerp(v,t)
	pointsTB = ntb
until #pointsTB == 1	
	return pointsTB[1]

yep, only a few lines, and it works!

please tell me, im really confused on how to convert all those math formula into a programming language that can be used!