How do you design a GUI application center

So question is how do you make a application center.

You see those type of application centers in café groups on roblox using Trello or any other third party websites of roblox and lately I been wondering how can you make one but use the game datastore to store all the applications and then when you go back in they will load and you can accept/decline them.

I have designed the menu and everything before with no success of storing all the app data in a datastore because im still pretty new to them .


Yeah discord seems like the new way to go now a days instead if trello.

Yeah discord webhooks are good but it feels more efficient to do it all in-game

External services are not trustable. Websites like Terabyte Services abused their clients and broke the Roblox Terms of Service.

Additionally, the service you have linked also seems really dodgy.

Discord Webhooks is not a logging tool. Do not use it as such or your account may be disabled.

Trello is also not a database

The best way to go is to use your own external servers, or a service like Firebase (which I can confirm is used by some large groups for applications)

If you require to use datastores, I suggest using a mix of DataStores (for storing the actual data) and OrderedDataStores (for keeping a list of applications).