How do you edit a table using profile service?

Hey there, my game uses ProfileService by loleris, and I am wondering how I edit the data within a table.

the data storage looks like so (Trying to add to the towers section):

local data = {
     Coins = 0;
     Towers = {};

Im a bit confused, does someone mind helping?

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If you’re trying to edit any tables do this:

local item1 = script.Parent.TextButton
local item2 = script.Parent.NumberValue
local item3 = script.Parent.ImageButton

local table = {item1, item2, item3}

table[1].Text = 'text here'
table[2].Value = 1
table[3].Image = 'idHere'

That should help you understand tables a bit more.

I know how to edit normal tables, just with profile service I would corrupt data if I do it wrong. However normal table editing seems to work

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