How do you export parts of the UI that need to be able to be changed? Photoshop > Studio

Clarification : I already know how to import a regular UI, but this is asking how to import UI’s that need to be able to be customized. (Profile names, Stats, Healthbars.)

Hey there! I’ve been recently trying to up my skills in UI design to I can improve my workflow in it and just learn how to do UI’s. Unfortunately I’ve hit a road block, this roadblock isn’t how to import a UI it’s more so how to import parts of the UI that would be customized.

For example here is a little UI I created:

You can see that there a multiple places in the UI were the text would have to be changed like the “Name” or Heart rate.

So that’s my main question,
How do you import parts of the UI that need to be customized? (Text / Health Bars / Stats)

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remove the interactive parts before exporting and replace them inside studio with ui components

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I’d suggest making the fonts in your UI similar fonts to which ROBLOX use otherwise your UI will look a bit off.

Only for parts that say for example:

These should have fonts roblox use or the UI will look odd.

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