How do you feel about my game idea?

So I worked out a horror-tycoon game. I’d like your thoughts on it. There are 6 players, 6 monsters, and 6 tycoons each round

• Players 🡲 collect and spend intel to open doors, exit gates, etc
• Monsters 🡲 stop players from getting to the evidence
• Tycoons 🡲 generate more intel for the players, also provide protection
(Players get intel each time they find + record a piece of hidden evidence around the map)

• The monsters have unique abilities
• The map is randomized every round
• There are chapters like piggy
• Players can share photos/videos of evidence with each other, it’s like airdrop
• Tycoons have unlockables like walls/alarms/escape routes to protect players when a monster attacks
• Ambient music plays in the background, gets more intense when the monsters get closer
• Yes there are chase scenes and cool animations but I’m a one-man team rip

So like could this potentially grow? How popular? And what would my audience look like? I know how to script, model and animate but I just want to know if this is worth the investment or if it’s just too much lol



This is a very good idea! It combines 2 completely opposite genres to create something magnificent and unique. :+1:


This really sounds like flee the facility and piggy labeled as a tycoon.
Your game idea sounds fine but there are complications. (why and how would a tycoon generate intel, the players will surely die from the monsters before waiting to gather information and then opening doors and gates) and even if you don’t think this and that the tycoon provides protection the monsters could surely camp outside.
I don’t think you should make it like a piggy game but as your own unique idea. I don’t think your game would be profitable as I said above, it sounds like flee the facility and piggy with slightly different aspects and I think it wouldn’t be profitable because tycoons are practically dead and your game idea seems to have a few flaws, making players not want to play. I don’t think it’d be super popular… If you worked around the flaws and made everything fun and perfecto your game could have 60-1k players… audience is probably younger because your game wouldn’t be fun to older teens or young adults and roblox is a childrens game.

My reply is not a discouraging one but a realistic response. I think most games have potential and can be profitable if you work REALLY hard. In the end, you should do what you want but a 1 person team will make it much harder.


Nice, unique and very very cool!

If it were done as said, I would play this!


Well you’re right, it isn’t profitable but it could be

I can scrap Piggy and tell the story my own way
I could get rid of tycoons as a whole. Like you said tycoons are dying. Or I can just make the tycoons huge + easy to build so they’re not in the way. Whatever floats your boat
And honestly the 1 person thing isn’t really working anymore, I might hire soon

Any and all suggestions are welcome, fingers crossed
Thanks for the feedback as well <3