How do you feel about this game?

I’m looking forward for some feedback on my game. This is a game where players fight bosses, enemy NPCs, or other players; collect rare items through crates and drops; build up a team through party or faction.

I want to know if I advertise this game, how appealing is this game? I also want to know if players are able to enter the game loop easily after finishing the tutorial.

Game Link: ASHEN 戦 - Roblox

  • I feel that a more comprehensive tutorial is needed (click to punch, right click to block etc.). I was wondering why my stamina was running so low when I was right-clicking to look around.
  • Still some bugs with the game. When I first talked to Roger the Smith, my camera panned to the edge of the map for some reason. My Inventory didn’t open up when I pressed the 1 button.
  • Some accessibility issues where the text was slightly too small for me to read, like dialog boxes. Labelling items in the shop would probably make it less confusing. I’m not sure why a Menu and a Menu Shortcuts button must both be added. Please also add health bars to NPC enemies.

Overall, I don’t think it looks that bad of a game, but there are still some aspects of the game that have to be worked on before it can be pushed out to the public :wink:


The inventory button doesn’t open as you click the ‘1’ key. You can access it via ‘M’ / Topbars.

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Oh, sorry about that. I just got confused from the tutorial! :pray:

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I’m now doing the bug fixes and updates according to your suggestions, may you help me check when you are free?

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  • Using kick with the Kantana has a chance of flinging the enemy NPC (I tried this on the Samurai Trainer).
  • Camera panning issue seem to occur for every NPC’s dialog.
  • For the NPC “Kanno”, a description on what the ability does would be more informative to the Player.
  • Bounty NPC doesn’t seem to be interactable.
  • In-game quests would be a good way of engaging the Player and allowing them to explore the game further.
  • You can also use badges to reward users for reaching certain milestones. They can contribute to engagement!
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  1. The kick-fling issue should be solved now
  2. The camera issue has been fixed now
  3. I will plan for that in the future
  4. It’s been temporaily disabled

Thanks for the ideas.

The tutorial with killing the dummies was a bit tedious, maybe make the rewards for killing dummies higher, or make the player start off with some money.

Also, I wasn’t really able to progress due to a bug where I couldn’t equip my katana. (I was pressing 1 and nothing happened)

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After plenty of issues have been fixed, do you think the game should be advertised?

  1. I have increased the start-off currency from 100 to 250
  2. This issue is rather a bit weird, it happens rarely and I so far have no idea how to fix it yet