How do you further more of your pure Lua scripting knowledge?

Now before you said it’s another post of someone asking how to get better at scripting, I’m talking about pure Lua (and maybe a bit of Roblox Lua).

For experienced scripters, how do you further of your Lua knowledge towards Roblox? Do you dissect free models in Roblox? Do you learn pure Lua? Do you experiment pure Lua projects outside of Roblox?

I really want a straightforward answer so that when an advanced scripter struggles on what to do to further their scripting development, they could read this topic to get their answers.


For pure Lua read the existing Lua documentation which has existed for decades.


I use coding kata to improve my knowledge of many languages. Sites like Codewars, HackerRank and others present problems for you to solve. I spend 30 minutes on one of these sites before I start my day job of coding, gets my brain in gear. Great way to see how problems are solved in different languages. Just search for “lua coding kata” and you will find a few.


I can say I know everything about Lua already (syntax and what everything does). The next level isn’t to necessarily learn “more” Lua, it’s to expand your knowledge on how to put 2 and 2 together and how to efficiently create code while making it manageable. For example, how do you structure your code? How do you organize your code? When do you want to use one thing over another? Math?


Lua is a super tiny topic, and an experienced programmer would probably be able to know “everything” about Lua a few week of focused study, because really there isn’t that much to learn and most of it is identical to other programming languages. Even if Lua is your first language, learning “everything” has diminishing returns and you should probably focus your learning on other areas of software development in general. Don’t worry about learning something if you can’t see how it’ll help you to actually write better code.

If you’re not into reading thick books about systems development or good coding practice, then I’d recommend just working on a project that is a bit larger than the biggest one you’ve worked on so far. There’s a lot to be learned in terms of structuring larger code projects, so getting hands-on experience working with slightly larger code bases is invaluable experience that will carry over to other game engines, languages and programming in general. Plus you get to do a fun project at the same time!


So I am a pretty experienced programmer in Roblox Lua, and sometimes I stumble on the most basic things. I would say looking at your code, and checking the Roblox Developer API helps the most.

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