How do you get this type of lighting in your roblox game?

I want to know how to make a “Beam” come out of neon parts in roblox. Will this eventually be a thing in a future roblox update?

Here is what I want:

I have circled the “Beams”



Have you tried playing with the settings using ShadowMap? I highly suggest that.

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No. But what settings? There are lots of things to play around with in Lighting

Create a bright light in workspace, and then just change ALL the lighting settings until you get the effect you want. It’s part of the learning process


Will compatibility be a good technology to get this effect?

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I’m pretty positive you cannot create light flares with Roblox’s lighting properties alone, so you may want to amp up the bloom in your lighting and use a decal on a billboard gui to “render” the effect.

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Will it ever be a feature in roblox then?

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The only technology you want to be using is ShadowMap. This is the latest lighting technology Roblox has to offer and, soon enough, will be the only lighting technique Roblox has to offer. The rest are scheduled for removal.

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That lens flare in OP cannot be achieved by using ShadowMap (It’s a camera artifact! You don’t normally see lens flare with your eyes in real life, now don’t you?). The best you can do to replicate it is by drawing an ImageLabel on the screen position exactly over the lights. You can also render a billboard gui over the light; this is what old games do.

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This effect is most often achieved using BillboardGuis with ImageLabels.

Alternatively, you can have a BloomEffect cranked way up while the light part’s material is set to Neon. This will definitely ruin the lighting in the rest of the game, however.

Edit: Examples.

BloomEffect method:

BillboardGui method: (Done cheap and quick for sake of example, sorry for poor quality)