How do you handle developer products and clearing save data

Hi all,
In the game I am making, I have the option to both:

  • Purchase currency
  • Clear previously saved data

What I’m thinking is does this somewhat tread on the toes of the TOS or community guidelines? I have a pretty long process to go through to reset data, getting them to copy out words written on the screen so that no one can reset their data accidentally after having spent R$ 1,000,000 (I wish) on the game.

I’d love to hear thoughts, especially from those who have done this previously or are doing this sort of thing in a live game.

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Hm, the only section of the Roblox Community Rules that this might violate is Section II, Number 1, where it states further down about gambling and casinos, etc. Let’s say someone does spend over 1M R$ on your game, then unknowingly deletes their data. Then, they’d have no choice but to buy all over again, spending hundreds of dollars to “get back up”. I could be wrong though.

But that implies that I am giving them rewards or incentive to reset their game data. It also would be a very difficult thing to do accidentally as you have to click ~3 different buttons around the screen and enter a word shown.

True, I guess I misunderstood what your process was. In that case, it’s most likely okay.

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Having the ability to purchase currency for in-game purpose is not against TOS, neither it is to clear saved data- but obviously it depends in what circumstances you decide to remove their data exception for GDPR.

I don’t know why people would want to reset their data other than a formal GDPR request because its not like confidential information is being held by the Creator. I believe the most appropriate way of having some sort of reassurance of their user input is just having another prompt to indicate if they’re sure of the action they’re taking.

If you look at Google for example, they do not have intensive procedures before you want to remove your google account (which includes related services such as YouTube and other relevant service which intertwines in the ecosystem), they don’t go through a procedure like what you’ve proposed. In the end, if you’re allowing them to reset their data, they’d expect their Robux back to what they’ve paid in the game.

Since this is ROBLOX, and the chances for the audience to make a mistake is liable- you can just have a separate Datastore which holds that “deleted data” for a month until the user wants to retrieve it otherwise (but you don’t really need this). Just remember that this related the GDPR request.

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What if they had already made use of it in their old save. The only reasons that I can think for resetting is starting again for whatever reason.

You could just save their purchased data (if using Developer Products) and use the function to see if the player owns the relevant gamepass to be able to revive certain data from their “data removal”.
You could have a section on a Menu to indicate if they want to recall the data which they’ve used Robux for- and just delete the rest.

I guess it wouldn’t be a full clean up but its probably in the best interest for customer service.

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