How do you like my Niagara falls

Hello I have made Niagara Falls. I used a combination of previous waterfall models from the toolbox, modified them and also added particles to give the waterfall that thick three dimensional look.
Sinise I used like a ton of particles in this game I was wondering if it causes lag for any of you guys, or possible lower end devices.


While the falls themselves don’t look bad you should expand them across the cliffs, and also make terrain water transparent. The boat isn’t that great, it’s just ok, but doesn’t match the build quality of the falls

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I just needed somewhere nice and decent for the players to spawn so I built the yacht. I first imagined it as building a dock above the falls for the players to spawn, but I think it looks most beautiful from the bottom of it.

I am also planning to one day add a bunch of trees and vegetation to the land enclosing the top of the falls. The trench and excess terrain is mainly just to finish off the rest of the scene, I will soon put a barrier their.

Anyways thanks for the ideas.

Very nice!

No pointers from me.

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