How do you make a door open after X amount of time has passed and how to have an UI that tells you how much time is left

I would like to make a door object “open” (disappear with no animation nor collisions) for let’s say 1-hour ingame, after that, it will open for 10 seconds for the player to go thru the door and go to the next area, if the player doesn’t go thru in those 10 seconds the door closes back, resetting the timer to 1 hour again.
However, I want that the door opening is unique for each player and i want it so that everyone joining has to wait the same 1 hour as everyone else so that they can’t cheese thru it. If a player reached 1 hour, goes thru the door, I don’t want a player who just joined to go thru because of the other player. They too have to wait 1 hour before going in.

So basically you want us to script a whole game for you?

If youve got any scripts that are not working, we are glad to help, but asking for a bunch of scripts from scratch isnt gonna do you any good.