How do you make a gun go on your back when you don't have it equipted

I am wondering how to add a gun to your back when your not using it.

My script I am wondering if would work or not if I used it:

local function.tool = “Teams”
local tool equipped = false — When player has the gun unequipped the script will run.
tool.player.model = Player “back”
local tool:Connect (function) Event.Player.Tools
local tool player.model:Connect model function
Player.Tool.Properties = “Teams”
Tool.names.player.model back = “M40A5”

If you think this script works please tell me if you think it doesn’t please tell me

Do you think it works? (AFTER EXPLAIN WHY)
  • YES
  • NO

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Thanks if you helped, currently nobody has as I am posting this.

To answer the question “How to place a gun on your back when it’s unequipped?” You would use welds the most simple method is to just clone the gun and then weld it onto the player’s back once unequipped.

If your looking for something clean and animated then I’d recommend using motor6ds here’s a resource

How do you weld it to a players back?

@Extrenious how do you weld it to a players back.

With a script. Clone the tool and remove any unnecessary instances(scripts, etc.) and then just position the model onto the players back.

If you are welding a model… You can make this process a little easier by setting a primary part and using Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame

I’d recommend creating an accessory of the weapon on the player’s back, then just parenting it to the character when you unequip the gun and removing it when you equip it.

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