How do you Make an Object be "above" a BlurEffect?

Inside of my game, I am trying to make a system that I thought would be simple but is really hard… When a player touches a part then locally a blur effect will turn on. That’s not hard I believe, but the hard and nearly impossible part is making it so a single object isn’t affected by this blur. I thought that a ViewPortFrame would do it but it isn’t synced with the local camera.

Is there any way to do this? I’m kind of in a rut here.


So a viewport frame with an invisible background scaled across the entire screen with the current camera and a clone of the item isn’t working? You can’t directly stop a blur affect from influencing a part. Another(albeit horrible) option would be to synchronize the rest of the screen with another viewport frame behind this one with all visible objects and put a blur inbetween.


Try using DepthOfFieldEffect instead. It sounds exactly like what you wanted; only blur the background and keep everything near the camera clear.


add a viewportframe, copy the object u want in it, set the camera of the viewport frame to the same current camera of the plr, set the size of the viewport frame to 1,0,1,0 so its full screen and same as plr’s screen. then add the BlurEffect in lighting


That’s good, but I wanted it to change if the camera moves.

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