How do you make teleporter transistions?

Basically, you know the game MeepCity? Where when you walk into the gate thing, theres a small transistion, then you get teleported. Or like :

How do you make this? And if possible, be able to easily change the transitions.

It could have been done with an image label, and shrinking it up and down on the client side,

I believe they did this with 4 black frames, using a pattern that makes them shrink in order like that

Script would look like:

  • Detect the teleport
  • Send the event to the client
  • Client will apply the transition
  • Server will teleport
  • Client will unapply transition
  • Player touches part
  • Tween In Size of a GUI on the Client
  • Teleport the Player on the Server
  • Tween Out Size of the GUI on the Client
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Cough only problem, I’m not the best at scripting :sweat_smile:
Is it possible you guys can give an example of what the script might look like?

Rather than asking people to write the code for you, it would be best practice to first attempt this yourself, and post if there’s any issues and we will help you correct them. This is better as you’ll be able to learn more from your mistakes rather than copy paste the code.

This topic is not for asking to have scripts made, use #public-collaboration for that.

I was just asking for an example, not for somebody to script it for me.

This is scripting help, not script for you,
However here is a tutorial on tweening:

Here is a tutorial on remote events:

If you can’t script this maybe try some easier scripts to build up your knowledge and experience. I wish you luck.

Please follow the guidelines of Scripting Support: