How do you make the "Bad" team more enjoyable?

I see this as a common issue in roblox games where there are “Good” and “Bad” teams.

Usually developers will focus in the “Good” team and make them enjoyable meanwhile ignoring the “Bad”.

Even if some developers balance both. The “Good” team will always be favorable by players

I want your opinion, how do you make the “Bad” team as enjoyable as the “Good” team?

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In my opinion, you need to find a way to -
1)Balance it fairly and perfectly.
2)Try to think of something that’d make players ‘say’ - ‘Man, I’ve had played on this team enough, let’s switch’ or something like this.
Try to make it so that both teams have a unique thing that ONLY they can do, for e.g - only criminals would be able to rob stores and that. While only cops would be able to arrest and that.

While I agree with your points it’s hard to make the teams have 2 unique stuff and make them both enjoyable

for your example. While they may want to play as the “Bad” team the “Good” team will be less favorable. That’s why it’s hard to make both the teams unique and Enjoyable

In Plants Vs Zombies fps games, they balance this by adding subconscious objectives and adding reasoning to it, in both games there’s even amount of maps where zombies defend their territory, or plants defend.

To make them even, they need to provide the same stats and they need to have reasoning to why they are that way, no one was going to side with them if they used the normal PVZ storyline.

Pretty weird to compare, but it works.

In COD:CW, they have the anti-hero and hero as playable characters, and they both have story related reasons to be that way, clearly separating the teams but they all use the same weapons.

Though the “funness” doesn’t come from these teams, it’s the gameplay and it’s balancing.

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Take a look at JailBreak. It’s super balanced and you can switch whenever! Both sides are super fun. I’d say the bad side is possibly more enjoyable then the “good” side.