How do you make the code to add the number * rebirths using EternityNum

Before you go and solve this make sure you use this resource
EternityNum Backup - Roblox If you don’t the code wont work and since the original one is offsale

Anyways whenever I try do value + (number * rebirths) using EternityNum it just comes out with 20 instead of example 5B.
Here’s the code

local Data = game:GetService("DataStoreService"):GetDataStore("LeaderStats")
local eTeN = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.EternityNum)
local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer


    local Stats ="Folder",player)
    Stats.Name = "leaderStats"
    local StatsInvis ="Folder",player)
    StatsInvis.Name = "DontSee"

    local Cash ="StringValue", Stats)
    Cash.Name = "Cash"
    Cash.Value = 1e3
    local nCash ="StringValue", Stats)
    nCash.Name = "nCash"
    nCash.Value = 0

    local Rebirths ="StringValue", Stats)
    Rebirths.Name = "Rebirths"
    Rebirths.Value = 1e8
    local nRebirths ="StringValue", Stats)
    nRebirths.Name = "nRebirths"
    nRebirths.Value = 1e8
    local RebirthCost ="StringValue", StatsInvis)
    RebirthCost.Name = "RebirthCost"
    RebirthCost.Value = 0
    local nRebirthCost ="StringValue" ,StatsInvis)
    nRebirthCost.Name = "nRebirthCost"
    nRebirthCost.Value = 2500
    local RebirthPricePentaly ="StringValue", StatsInvis)
    RebirthPricePentaly.Name = "RebirthPricePentaly"
    RebirthPricePentaly.Value = 0.05

    local nRebirthPricePentaly ="StringValue" ,StatsInvis)
    nRebirthPricePentaly.Name = "nRebirthPricePentaly"
    nRebirthPricePentaly.Value = 0.05

    local CashUpdate = eTeN.convert(player.leaderStats.Cash.Value)
    local RebirthUpdate = eTeN.convert(player.leaderStats.Rebirths.Value)
    local RebirthsPrice = eTeN.convert(player.DontSee.RebirthCost.Value)
    Cash.Value = eTeN.short(CashUpdate)
    Rebirths.Value =    eTeN.short(RebirthUpdate)
    RebirthCost.Value = eTeN.short(RebirthsPrice)
        local eTeN = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.EternityNum)
        RebirthCost.Value = 0        
        local firstvalue = RebirthCost.Value
        local secondvalue = nRebirthCost.Value
        secondvalue = eTeN.add(secondvalue,thevalue)
        RebirthsPrice = eTeN.bnumtoeternity(eTeN.strtobnum(player.DontSee.RebirthCost.Value))
        RebirthsPrice = eTeN.add(RebirthsPrice, thevalue) 
        RebirthCost.Value = eTeN.short(RebirthsPrice)


    local leaderstats = seeker:WaitForChild('leaderStats')
    local ok = leaderstats:WaitForChild("Rebirths")
    local seekerscash = leaderstats:WaitForChild("Cash")

    seekerscash.Value = eTeN.bnumtostr(eTeN.add(seekerscash.Value, eTeN.mul(ok.Value, 50)))

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