How do you make your characters back face the camera? like shift lock

I am making a dash script and i need the character’s back to face the camera so that they dash to the correct position depending on the cameras perspective. Using humanoidrootpart.cframe.lookvector

before the dash starts how would I adjust the characters back to face the camera? its like shift lock.

Just use the camera’s CFrame to make the dash direction?

no i cant do that because then if you happen to face downwards onto your character the dash will have barely any velocity to move because of the lookvector

Here’s a module I made that isn’t too advanced, but here’s a starter code for what you want to do:

-- in a local script
local camWork = require (path.To.Module)
camWork.init() -- initiates the camera
camWork:TPS() -- locks camera to back of character

I made the module as easy as possible to edit but if you have questions let me know. It’s a module I pulled out of a game I’m working on and edited to work for other projects so it’s sort of messy.