How do you over ride animations on a particular body part to change its CFrame?

I am wondering how to change the CFrame of an NPC’s head, however when I try to rotate the head via it gets over ridden by the animation currently playing. Is there a way to prevent the animation over riding the CFrame?

I would prefer to Lerp the Head rather than use the Motor6D’s because they do not replicate.

For rotating the head, why exactly are you changing the CFrame? In this case, creating an action animation (I’m pretty sure you’re aware but just in case, action animations override all other animations) and making the animation rotate the head is the best thing to do.

I am using a CFrame because the amount of rotation varies depending on where the player is standing.

Unfortunately, you are going to have to use Motor6Ds, that’s the only way to change a body part’s CFrame.

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Then do an animation that tilts the head at one degree, and from there you could do a loop of repeating the animation until a certain value is met (the value would be how much you’re turning the head.)

This isn’t very optimized though, and issues might arise, so Motor6D would unfortunately be your best bet.

If not, this is your fail-safe option.

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