How do you save data about storyline in a datastore?

I want to figure out how to script saving data about storyline. Like when you save, the current point in your storyline saves and the npcs have the dialogue related to the save point. How should I make this? It seems very complicated, and I can’t think of any idea on where to start.

You could create a folder inside the player named Storyline Saves and then add bool values inside it for every storyline. Then once the storyline has been passed, you set it to true. This seems like the easiest option.

I’d go with a simple idea - give numbers (as timestamps) to each scenario.

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Actually, nevermind what I said. I think a much simplified option is to create one IntValue that determines what index the player’s storyline is on. Then you just save it and they can continue where they left off.

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Ah I see, I was thinking of that but I wasn’t sure if it would work. So like if the player obtains a storyline item, then the value increases by one?

Yeah, just like that. ineedtogetda30characters

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