How do you stop text from cutting out of the textbox?

I don’t know if this is the correct category, but here’s a video of what I mean.

It goes off of the textbox, how would I stop that from happening? Any properties or do I have to do something in a script?

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I think you’d have to have TextWrapped property to true, and if that doesn’t work, resize the text when typing too much.

tick ClipDescendants on in the properties of the textbox?


Go to the Text Box’s properties and enable “ClipsDescendants”.

Thanks for answering, and it partially works. It doesn’t go out of the textbox but I can’t see the text past the textbox, basically, if I type “example text example text” it will only show “example text example” and it won’t let me scroll.

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Thanks, cheesy gave the same answer and I responded to him with my problem.

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You’ll have to create a system where the textbox grows based on the number of characters that are present

try resizing the textlabel [Chars]

Use text scaled

character limit

As others said you’d have to create a system where it expands based on the text length, you can use TextBounds for this.

See if this property works for you
UI Automatic Size (

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