How does mobile affect your gameplay design?

Hey developers!

Recently I’ve been working on a game that was originally built to support Mobile platforms with the intentions of maximizing the potential growth of my project. However, some ideas for the project were scrapped/changed and we are currently reconsidering whether or not to cut mobile support from our game entirely.

The reasons for this include…

  • A more advanced movement system
  • UI/UX Design
  • Gameplay Design

Our main concern with Mobile support would be the limitations it brings for all users if we were to keep support for it. Our ideas would yield good gameplay results for players on PC’s, but these same ideas would not work as well on Mobile devices due to them being overwhelming/inconvenient for them gameplay wise.

I am aware that this would potentially bring down the amount of players our game could potentially have but we are currently unsure what to do in a situation like this. Is it really worth it to cut mobile support for some extra features that could make the game more fun and enjoyable? What would you do in this situation?

All feedback is appreciated!! :blush:

I will respond to the bullets you listed:

Your movement system doesn’t need to be as complex for mobile as it is for pc. Mobile players are naturally limited, so this wont come as a shock to them.

Your ui design can be scaled for mobile and should be anyway for different resolutions… this is a non issue unless you have something specific you are referring to.

Gameplay is the tough one. Which is better… to have no mobile players play it or be able to play in a limited way? I vote play in a limited way. You never know what you can change or improve later to make this better for mobile, incorporate it from now, grow ur base playership from now.

Good luck!

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I already have the UI Scaling done, but I was mostly refering to where UI placement occurs. For example, I don’t want to add as much UI on the bottom right corner of the player’s screen because mobile players have their thumbsticks there etc.

This is a pretty good point!! If anything, I think simplifying the ideas would work best in order to have the game perform alright on all platforms.

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