How does Roblox copyright work?

Hey folks, so I want to make a game similar to Project Trackday, but I just realized something. All of the cars are covered with wraps showing tons of brands and logos, which I’m sure are all under copyright. I don’t want to remove the logos, because that would destroy the appearance of the cars, but I also don’t want to change every single logo into a sort of parody, because that is dozens of logos per car. I also have no clue how Roblox copyright works, so for all I know I might be able to get away with just leaving the logos as is. If anyone could enlighten me with this information, I’d love that. Thanks!

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Hey @GabinoFTW,

Your answer can be easily found on the Roblox developer page, please click here to visit the copywriter guidance page.

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If you want logos, you have to parody them.

Just like clothing, any copyrighted logo (such as Nike, Coca-Cola, etc.) is violating copyright and can get your clothing moderated (or in your case, the game).

It may be tedious, but creating your own parody logos may be your only option unless you can be satisfied with leaving the cars plain.

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It’s quite simple, if your using something you didn’t make your probably breaking copyright rules.


Do the same logo’s but make up your own brand names, or just completely de-brand them but leave the design’s.

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Copyright is copyright. Ez

Seriously though, if something is copyrighted, don’t use it. That’s just a bad idea. This applies in all businesses and all platforms.

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