How does this movement system work?

Hey there! So, a game named “Karlson” got my attention, it had the movement I wanted.

Here’s an example of the movement from a speedrunner, as you can see, he does a ton of stuff (bunny hopping etc.) and as he does those stuff, he gains more speed.

How would I implement that movement system to Roblox? Or how does this movement system even work and how is it so smooth?

Thanks!! :smiley:

Lets just say theres no short answer.

If you wanna implement that grappling hook thing use hingeconstraints. It should carry the momentum.

For the camera shake you can use sine to make a wavey kind of camera shake.

Wallrunning is kinda my limit here so good luck with the rest


Thats a ton of help, so thank you :smiley: