How exactly can I weld and animate a multi mesh rig with a setup like this

What I want is a main mesh as the parent, and the children are meshes that connect to the parent, for say The parent is “MESH”, I want mesh to have children mesh that connect to the parent as they are welded and all I would need to do is move part “MESH” which would move the child mesh.

I’ve tried rigging and doing this using a model setup, but there were errors in clipping and some models couldn’t rotate at all.

I have no idea on how I can weld these together then open them in the animator without problems,

I’ve tried turning them into a model and welding them from there, but the problem is the joints are bad

I fixed it and the way I Fixed it is I welded every part togheter using a “weld”

and this plugin to speed up the process:

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