How expensive would it be to host a database on Heroku instead of using datastores?


I’m looking to have a database on Heroku so that I can use it as a datastore replacement. Has anyone done this before? If you have, how much did it net you per month?

This entirely depends on how popular your game is. All you need to do is look at the pricing options that they show on their website. When your game is just starting out you will probably only need to use their Production option which goes up to $50 per month.

If your game gains any traction you will probably need to to upgrade to advanced which can run you up to $500 dollars per month. If you get to the top of the front page you will probably have to contact the company and work out an option that is specific to your game’s needs

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What’s considered “traction”… how many players?

How many KB of data do you save per user? Now how many users do you think you’ll have? How much does Heroku charge per KB of space on their system? How long do you expect to keep this game open?

Multiply all those factors together and find your price.

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Dude I don’t know. Heroku’s plans are different. I’m just asking for other peoples’ experiences with this.

Every game has different needs, so we can’t really give an estimation considering that.

Some games store a lot and will need better plans, while other games store very little due to their gameplay.
I suggest you start with estimation and monitor the datastores to make sure there are no issues.

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I know. I was just wondering how much it’ll go around based on games that use it.

Looking at the tiers, the lowest “standard” tier is $50 for 64 GB. For context, that could store over 300k entries worth of what would be maximum length (200k character) for datastore entries. That should be fine for you for a while, especially if you don’t store much per player.

$50 seems like a solid estimate for most games (not front page ones of course), though smaller ones might be able to get away with using the free tier.

Of course, you’d be able to get a deal more suited for your game’s needs using something more customizable, like AWS’s RDS, but since this topic is for Heroku I digress.


I mean, I’d love to use AWS but I heard there’s a hard learning curve and it’s harder to manage. Thank you though.

If you want a free alternative, you can use MongoDB Atlas up to 500mb for free. Obviously you’ll still need a way of communicating with the database, but this can be accomplished with something like Glitch or RunKit.