How far could you go with making a social-media style game?

I’ve been curious lately, how possible is it? Aside from moderation and such, how could you implement posting systems / likes / comments? Is it even possible?

@boatbomber’s Lua Learning has a commenting and upvote system, so I think at least some of the features listed above may be possible, but how?


Actually… That’s pretty cool! You should go for it! Just have some pre-uploaded pictures instead of letting the player upload stuff.

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Nono, I’m talking about technically. How would a system of such be possible on a technical scale?

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Well those people who made that Roblox voicechat game like a year ago in quarantine managed to upload audio and play it in-game in less than a minute so it’s definitely possible… I don’t know if you would use an API or a separate computer that gets requests and takes the image, uploads the image, gives you the ID of the image. You won’t have to worry about moderating it because Roblox does that themselves. It’s very complicated, but it’s possible!
Edit: this is how you would do image uploading.

It’s pretty simple:

  • when a user wants to post/like/comment something:
  • update your local cache
  • keep that event for a moment
  • send the event to every other client in this server that is focused on that post
  • after a moment, send the events you’ve kept into a MessagingService topic
  • write the relevant changes to a data store

  • when you recieve a bundle of events from MessagingService:
  • update your local cache
  • send the event to every client that is looking at the relevant post

  • when a user wants to see a post:
  • try retrieve it from your local cache
  • if it’s not there, retrieve it from the data store
  • update your local cache
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I don’t see why not. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

It’s definitely possible. You should check out Roverse by @ScriptOn, it’s got a ton of social media-esque features!