How fast do sounds load by AssetId?

Currently moving through optimization in my game and I have a lot of SFX that dont always need to be loaded into the game, but sometimes they come up and I want them quickly. My question is, if all i have is the AssetId and no sound object loaded up yet, how fast can I can expect and sound object SoundtId property to be loaded and ready to play after I set that property?

In my case, once it is loaded I will leave it loaded for future playbacks during that player session. What I am getting at is a lazy-loading setup that only loads sounds as needed.

My use case is as follows:
I have a game using a wide variety of powers for combat, these powers have sound effects that are specific to each power and there are many sound effects, enough to where I am trying to lazy-load instead of leaving them all in the game. When a player uses a power, the sound needs to be ready, after the first load it will always be ready. Most of these are small sounds, usually only a 1 or 2 seconds tops, not whole songs.

Anyone know if I can count on the sounds loading in quickly enough to not notice any sound lag? Should i be using some async type loading so the game keeps flowing even if the first playback of that sound is coming in late?

The speed at which any asset loads is based on the client’s WIFI download speed. If a user has a very poor latency, it will take long for most assets to load. If a user has a very good latency, it will take a little bit of time for most assets to load. Furthermore, the size of the asset’s file can impact the speed at which it loads because it would take longer to download a larger file.

Hope this helps!

An effective method for loading in the sounds would be to load the most common sounds used in when the player joins, then whenever a new player joins cycle through their moves and get the sounds from their moves. Once you have the sounds from their moves, cycle through and see if there are any sound that are not loaded and need to be loaded in. This is so that if a player comes in contact with another player, they will already have said player’s spell sounds downloaded so there should be little to no delay in playing the sound.

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Yes thank you, I think I need to add more details to my OP to get at a response that I need to make my decision. I will add more details.