How FastCast works can anyone help?

im new to fastcast im making a fps game and i need bullet shooting system how do i learn fast cast

thanks :grin:

i believe its this user made module Making a combat game with ranged weapons? FastCast may be the module for you! sorry for postin a link but i think this is where you’ll find the most information about it

i want a complete tutorial about it video or photos

The fastcast post (the one in @S0MBRX link) has an example gun, usage documentation, and a description of how it works. Read the documentation and test the example in a baseplate to figure out how it works.

#help-and-feedback:scripting-support is more of a place to help debug code or explain theoretically how to accomplish certain functionality. It’s not really a place for tutorials. You could ask on the fastcast post if anyone has a tutorial on it instead.

thanks but the gun isnt what i want, btw i just reply the link @S0MBRX posted

if you read the link i posted, the first paragraph says the module hes going to be describing is used for “simulating bullet physics” and what you have said you are looking for is “bullet shooting system” using fast casting and as Vulkarin said this isnt the correct channel for this.

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