How i can make my car dont slow down too fast

local seat = game.Workspace.Car.VehicleSeat

local backLeft = game.Workspace.Car.BackLeft
local backRight = game.Workspace.Car.BackRight

local frontLeft = game.Workspace.Car.FrontLeft
local frontRight = game.Workspace.Car.FrontRight

local steerAngle = 30
local speed = 60

frontLeft.PartB.SteeringConstraint.TargetAngle = steerAngle * seat.Steer
frontRight.PartB.SteeringConstraint.TargetAngle = steerAngle * seat.Steer

frontLeft.Wheel.WheelConstraint.AngularVelocity = speed * seat.Throttle
frontRight.Wheel.WheelConstraint.AngularVelocity = speed * -seat.Throttle

backLeft.Wheel.WheelConstraint.AngularVelocity = speed * seat.Throttle
backRight.Wheel.WheelConstraint.AngularVelocity = speed * -seat.Throttle


i was trying to make a car, but im having a problem that the car lose speed too fast, i already tried making the speed count in the script but it continues with the same problem, and now i have this. Please give some suggestions how i can resolve this issue.

Change the MotorMaxAcceleration of your HingeConstraints lower.
If it’s too high you’ll get instant acceleration and deceleration.
It depends on the vehicle Mass and the MotorMaxTorque, so experiment with all 3 values to tune your car.

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