How is this done?

Ok so I was going around Roblox and I came upon this group. When I joined one of their games the text looked off I think that’s caused they added something to it but it doesn’t show up. So if there is any way I can make a group title looks to be the same let me know thanks.


What game was it?

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For all of them… Here is a screen shot…

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That was an old glitch you could do with group names regarding spaces.

I believe it has since been patched possibly.

Oh is there another way that isn’t a glitch?

Honestly, I don’t know most people do it when the group name they want is taken so they add a space in the name. I mean you can try.

Oh so you cant create groups anymore with the spaces?

Wait how do you do that? Let’s DM cause I don’t wanna over load this…

Not sure. I believe it has been patched. Sorry my dude. :frowning_face:

That’s been long since patched. There was a way to do it with a fancy “f” key but when it was patched every group that used that method had the “f” visible which ruins the title

I wouldn’t recommend doing this.

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you can always build your own loading screen if you want something the default one doesn’t have