How is this dribbling system made?

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    I’m trying to replicate this “directional dribbling style” based from a game called “Locked”.

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I’m trying to replicate this dribbling system where it “magnetizes the ball” to you whenever you m1, but also pushes it forwards while its on the ground.

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I’ve tried most of the body movers including Body Position and Body Velocity(The problem with body velocity it doesnt magnetize it to you whenever you shoot the ball and just pushes it more forwards.)

And yes, I’ve tried looking around the dev forum for help.

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--dribble movement code
local function dribble(parent, amount, timer,hitter)
	local kb ="BodyPosition")
	kb.Parent = parent
	kb.MaxForce =,0,8000)
	kb.P = 55000
	kb.D = 1500
	kb.Position = hitter.Position + hitter.CFrame.LookVector * 4
	debris:AddItem(kb, .04)
	for i,v in pairs(parent:GetChildren()) do
		if v.ClassName == "BodyPosition" then
			if v ~= kb then

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