How is this game I made

I find this very funny. You are the one who made this post requesting criticsm

“Any feedback is ok!”

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Dude, you can tell he tried, he is just new to game development. This is a good starting place. He just needs encouragement because of you don’t he might leave and it could scare other new people off too.

ive been making games for two years on roblox lol! its just a little project that I made

K, that’s great, I’ll prob check ur games out later. I gotta go to sleep rn. I’m actually pretty new to scripting here and I have already made lots of improvement but I can get the feelings that the negative feedback can give. Keep on tryin bud

I don’t really care that much about you putting no effort to the game, the annoying thing is the donation board. That’s basically starving for quick bucks without actually trying. It’s the same as homeless asking for donation without even trying to find a job.

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I deleted the donation board tho.

im on blender currently. so yeah

That’s a good thing then. Glad you deleted it

I making a game that requires scripting so when I post it I hope u like it.

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Totally understand he’s a beginner, just wanted to open doors to recourses that he can use for developement :slight_smile:

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Try Trello! It really helps me manage what I need for games.

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