How large have you ever made your terrains?

Hey everyone!

Lets say you wanted to do a kind of sandbox map, something for an ARMA 3 feeling, so you need some long amount of KM of it, lets say 40kmx40km

Have anyone already got so far to make such amount of KM without roblox breaking at some point, like Connection Lag, Low FPS, Physics starting to get unstable, or something?

Nope, terrain isn’t stable when spanned over large areas. For a base game, I’d suggest using parts alternatively as to not cause instability on lower end clients.

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Oh! i think i forgot to mention parts!

Yes what about parts.

I actually have a hack I use to get large-looking parts. If you scale a part to its maximum size, insert a mesh and then max out whatever axis’ you want to have a large span, you can bypass roblox’s maximum size restriction, however be aware that anything outside of the parts actual size wont have proper collision and so this should only be used for looks.


I suggest putting mesh hills at the end of your map and make the fog distance a bit shorter so it makes your map look a bit bigger than it actually is


I’ve seen large maps being utilised before; it all depends on how you optimise the entirety of the game - if you’re going to have large terrain you’re going to need to heavily optimise the building as a result. Physics won’t become unstable but unstable FPS marks may become present on extremely lower end PC’s.

In Free Build (my remake of personal servers), I had a smooth terrain map which was 22k x 400studs x 9k. It ran fine on my machine with no crashes or lag with StreamingEnabled off. I’m not sure how it would go on lower end machines though…

I stopped making really large-scale terrain maps since it lags for me working, especially when there are things cluttered in the distance.

And it seems when everything goes out so far things start to get glitchy.

5k studs (not roblox terrain) the lag was only in studio, it was hard to edit in there. Lowest fps was 40 but physics were stable (these info are on my laptop)