How make simple plugin that open gui

How to make it? Can somebody give me finished plugin like in title, please

WE CAN’T GIVE YOU THE FINISHED PRODUCT, it’s against the rules and also, who would do it for free?

Also why do you need a Plug-In to open a GUI, you can’t do that…

When i click for example load character plugin i have gui on screen

How to do this, i dont want finished plugin

Oh that, you simply need to add a Plug-In thing, check when it’s clicked and show a GUI, the GUI is usually a Widget, not sure how to do taht tho

Ah, ok.
This’ll help you get started with creating a plugin in roblox: Plugins | Roblox Creator Documentation
It’s got a great set of scripts. Basically, just create a normal GUI object and script up the details of its instance so it can be replicated by users.

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I believe this should help you

You might need to put in local widget = plugin:CreateDockWidgetPluginGui("WidgetName",, InitialEnabled, InitialEnabledShouldOverrideRestore, FloatingXSize, FloatingYSize, MinWidth, MinHeight)), then add a title by doing this widget.Title = "Widget Title", then create GUI content by local instanceName = Instance.New("instanceName"), add some settings, for scale and Position, I recommend using UDim2.fromScale(X, Y) so it can fit in any size you wish

more info here: Building Studio Widgets | Roblox Creator Documentation

also I got the information from the documentation


I think this help me, than you :slight_smile:

Yes this work, thank you so much :slight_smile:

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