How many tickets?


How many tickets are available through the whole event and how many are left?


They say whatever is left over, will be for the wave 4. they do not have a specific number. As I understand, the tickets will be sold out quickly. In London, the hall can take up to 130 I think.


It really depends where Roblox is using, according to the hospitality brochure for Spring Summer 19: -

  • Auditorium and Exhibition Space - 300 seats; 360 sqm exhibition space
  • State Rooms and Rooftop Terrace - 140 theatre; 120 cabaret; 90 boardroom; 70 u-shape; Private dining for up to 160
  • Ground Floor Meeting Rooms - 18 modern rooms; Up to 88 theatre; Up to 56 cabaret; 6 to 36 boardroom
  • The Heritage Rooms - 6 refurbished Heritage Rooms; Up to 32 cabaret; Up to 50 theatre; 8 to 22 boardroom
  • The roof top - 230 guests

While on the US side, it depends how they wanna set it up and what space they plan to use.

For example the Grand Peninsula Ballroom in a theater style seating can fix up to 2,592 people
They may use the Cypress, which in a classroom format can fit 375 people
Maybe the harbour room which can fit 170 people in a theater format
Or a board room?



Last year the US event was held to 500 people if I recall, due to fire safety standards. (this went above the convention hall sizes in priority)

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Fair enough, it really does depend where they go for the room. The numbers are from what the hotel say their capacity for the type of room they want.

I would assume all the numbers provided meet the local standards including that of fire safety.

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Last year was in the Cypress, if that says anything about last years numbers.

In all honesty I doubt RDC will ever go over 500-750 people, the whole point is limited numbers in a way that the staff can walk around and speak to people for more than just a few seconds, not to mention having to judge that many potential gamejam teams (i think there were around 40 last year?).

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Fair enough. These are the current numbers.

I think it’s nice to know the scale of RDC and seeing what you should bring, esp stuff like business cards.