How many waves are there in RDC? [SOLVED A BIT LATE THOUGH]

How many waves are there, I believe last years was two but we’ve had a giant influx in members so I have no idea with how many waves there will be. Also, (side question) is there a schedule for future invite wave? (So like wave 2 for example, 10th of May)

There are a total of 4 waves, according to an announcement in the devforum discord server. I don’t think there’s a specific timeline for the waves.


Usually there are 4 waves
The 4th wave usually is the one where people can apply for an invite if they didn’t get one from wave 1-3



a friend question how can I know if they invited me or how can I recruit them, they will send it to me so please

To be clear, for some people that don’t understand this exactly. If you didn’t get an invite, you have to wait for Wave 4. Wave 4 will not be an e-mail. It’ll be an announcement on the forum, saying they’re taking applications. You apply, and then you hope and pray you get picked. Now, this is given that they don’t sell out from Wave 1-3 (which I assume they haven’t) and this is assuming that they follow the same trend as last year.


They will send it to you in your email.

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