How much a day should I spend on ads for a debut?

So I’m thinking about dropping 150k-200k R$ on ads, sponsorships, etc. for my game’s debut sometime within the next week, probably around the weekend.

How much a day should I spend? I’ll be running all ads for PC players, and sponsorships for console and mobile players (tablet and mobile)

I’m thinking about dropping 50k a day for three days, 17.5k split between two ads, 20k for xbox, 5k for phone, and 7.5k for tablet.

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Thats an absurd amount to drop all at once.
Yes many people will see, no, defintley dont do that.

Do it in increments. Every few days or so, if your previous ad did well, drop some more, if it didnt, drop less or find another ad to replace it.

50k is still an absurd amount as well.

Phones and Tablets ARE BIG as a market, advertise to them if you want to advertise, they are filled (not being rude) with kids playing on them, also, barley any ad-blocks as well.

PC on the otherhand are usually from older people with maybe ad-block extensions.

Console and other systems are a tad less.

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Yeah, whenever I debuted games previously I’d make the mistake of dropping so much at once. I think I’ll do it over a week, 10k one day, then 25k, for a couple days, see what happens, and up it to 50k.

Should I focus more on mobile users then? PC players can obviously play my game the best, but Xbox and Tablet players generate me the most revenue.

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It really depends on the type of game that you are releasing and the general audience your targetting.

It honestly depends on your situation, whatever works for you works. Phone and tablet users have a pretty big space that you can fill in to monetize.

5k seems more reasonable, then jump it up by 2k every day or so if it does good.

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I mean it’s a tycoon, so it’s critical to have constant ad runs for players to keep coming. I have a fair amount of robux spent up so I might opt for the 10k a day and go from there.


However, its still great to be wary of how much you’re spending, if 10k robux doesn’t generate good ctr (which it should), then fall back by a large margin from 3k to maybe even 4k if needed.

Its not unlimited, unless you have unlimited money :thinking:

Its better to make it postpone longer to reach more audiences then to shotgun blast it and praying to memes that you get a hit off.


5K each on the ads on PC, it won’t be that visible though since most users don’t click ads.
15k for Xbox, tablet 5K and make the phone 8k since it gets more clicks

Personally as someone who use to play roblox on console, most players on xbox don’t spend money on roblox as there are many other games, you’re probably better off cutting back on the budget for xbox players and putting more of it into mobile devices. I’ve also never really seen any sponsors on xbox.
Most players on xbox will usually play front page games and don’t browse that often scrolling through the games.

TL;DR: Cut back on budget for console players and put that extra budget into sponsors for mobile devices.

I personally think that that is way too much to spend on xbox sponsors. Like others said, xbox players mostly play on the front page. They also don’t really seem to spend money on the game. Whenever I play on xbox, almost all of the other xbox players have no robux accessories or clothing, usually meaning they don’t spend much on roblox. Also, you said it was a tycoon? When I go on the xbox roblox games page, I don’t see many tycoon games on there, so your game most likely won’t be that popular among xbox players.
And I’m going to say this. There are much more mobile players than xbox players, and maybe even more mobile players than computer players! So I think you should put more robux into mobile sponsors.
Note that by mobile, I mean phone and tablet.

Man, I wrote a lot, here.

TL;DR: Put more robux into mobile sponsors, and put less into xbox sponsors.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Really? Because honestly, Xbox has earned me a lot more than mobile and tablet combined usually.

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