How Much Can Vibe Games Make?

Vibe games are honestly really relaxing and cozy to play. I’m inspired to make one. Their source of income is through donations and premium payouts. I want to know, how much can vibe games earn if you have any knowledge about it?


500 robux or 2000 robux! too expensive i think

I can reply with this :

They can earn any amount of money if they have enough potential. Most of the “vibe” games use some “vibe” kits that contains some free models before designing the map. If you want something original then you shouldn’t do a vibe game as there are a lot of samples about it. But you can make one if you want!

That’s how much they make, right?

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i’m not sure but yes i think or 10000 robux

What about the fact that players can just stay in vibe games for a while because of how relaxing they are? This is useful if the player doing this has premium, as premium payouts have increased

if you stay 10 minute in a game,the developer earn a premium payout
not robux and yes i think

You are right, it can be a good opportunity to get more money if you have premium but this doesn’t make the game better.Also there are many “vibe” games so your game may not be popular or get a high amount of visits.

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I don’t know if you got what I meant though, if the PLAYER playing the vibe game has premium is what I was pointing out.


I get what you said, i’m not saying that you shouldn’t do a game, if you can make a great game then you can get more benefits from premium payouts. If you are interested in doing it and trusting to yourself that you will do a great game then you should.

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Also i replied to your question that how much we can earn from doing “vibe” games.

Sorry, I misread what you have said. :sweat_smile:

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Vibe games don’t make a lot of money. It’s hard to keep players coming back or staying there since they have nothing to do and can’t be engaged.

Unless you have a good growing community and a lot of ad budget, you’re not going to do very well especially if it’s your first vibe game.

Games without good coding typically can’t compete well against games that do. However that doesn’t mean you can innovate some new gameplay aspect to your vibe game, in which case its anyone’s guess how much it can earn. Game design is a gamble, so go for it if you think it’ll be a success!


If you add gamepasses like “VIP” or “roleplaying items”, it might get a good amount of income. (depends on the price of the item though)

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I mean every game has some sort of donation. Most vibe games don’t have gamepasses. So without gamepasses, it’s going to be ofc harder to make a consistent profit. I would say like if your playerbase was larger I would estimate around 10k/month. Ofc, there are so many variables it’s nearly impossible to make an estimate. I suggest you make some gamepasses with in-game items like glow sticks, something like that. Just a way to pocket some extra cash!

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Vibe games are the modern equivalent of making a simulator, just a quick way to make money, for teens now, theres no gameplay, nothing you can do except stare at a skybox through a window.

Some make up to a million robux.

If you are making a vibe game then make your game passes cheap and encourage players to buy premium. Because you get premium payouts.