How much could a lobby like this be worth?

CLOSED! Thank you everyone!


I would say around :robux_light:2500 to :robux_light:7500 due to the fact that it had pretty good detail.


It’s looking pretty good! If the players are able to go behind the mansion I’d expect it to be detailed.
Try playing with shadow map lightning and clock time to make it better.
In my opinion this is worth ATLEAST :robux_gold:5000, but you can try selling it for :robux_gold:10000
Do your best!

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If you’re trying to buy it, then I guess you should bargain for :robux_gold: 3000 or smth

I’d buy a building that amount with that quality for at least 2k Robux, it looks neat and detailed. The buildings featured a reasonable amount of details, including a good green terrain in the centre.

The mansion looks very detailed and it looks like it’s been put a lot of effort in it,
I’d pay it for around :robux_light:8000 if all the map was this detailed.

I would say :robux: 8300 because the detail is excellent and it would sell high, depending on performance (laggy or not, etc) I would change it myself if I was the buyer.

Otherwise, you can get some negotiable prices.

Wow! One of the best builds I’ve seen. Definitely :robux_light: 7000-10000 robux. Very detailed and the colors are great! Great job! :clap: :smile:

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At least 7500 :robux:, however I recommend you to pay 8500 :robux: for it.

7500 Robux, the detail is obviously very high. The coloring is nice, lightning, etc. Just a good overall build.

I’m not sure he’s selling it, I think he’s buying it, atleast that’s what I understood reading the message .p

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It’d be really great to get more angles of the lobby, except for one picture.

But I’d pay 6k-10k :robux:

I’d say it should be around 7-8k due to the amount of detail and how realistic it looks.

Oops! I’ve edited my post. Thanks for the hint!

The amount of detail put into everything looks great, keep up the great work!
I would price it for around 6k - 7k, it looks amazing!

:robux: 10000 , it’s a really detailed work, the trees, the ouse, the roof, the windows, , the fountain it’s a little bit weird but awesome, I love the water, but I think ( in my own point of view ) you might should change color to a darker, this is awesome, May you show us some other pics like from Lighthouse? I love the Lighthouse detail. Awesome!

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This lobby is very detailed and anything even UNDER :robux: 5’000 you would be underselling youself. Aim for 8.5K or somewhere around that number. If you find the right buyer then you can sell this for about I’d say :robux: 10.2K.

Firstly, this map is really good, It’s a really detailed and really cute lobby from the looks of it, and it should probably be priced for around 10-15k :robux_light: at least.


I don’t mean to assume that this potentially isn’t yours, but based on this part of the sentence or more, “This is the snippet I was sent” I want to assume you didn’t make this.

If so, is the person who made this map comfortable & aware with their work being posted on Devforum like this?

If not, my apologies and regardless, the build is amazing.

Thank you for your concern! This is a snippet I was sent by my friend of my map.

From the screenshot provided I’d say defiantly over 8k atleast.

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