How much do you think it would cost me to pay for a simple bossfight?

So my game is coming to an end and I need a simple bossfight done. I want to make the recruitment post, but I fear the price I set will either be too low, or at a range where it will be done in a not so good job.

It would start off with a triggered cutscene that includes an animation, next after that would be the bossfight. If I were to make the bossfight really simple, as to where you have to hit all the (?) whilst dodging his attack, do you guys think it would be a big job, a big payment? I can definitely give more details on what I plan on having it look like.

My budget rn is 25k r$ MAX


Depends on the builder/detail level

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I’ll be doing all the building, and possibly animating. Its purely scripting im hiring for.

Around R$ 1500. The price can vary depending on the complexity of the bossfight.

It sounds big enough to be over 5k, that’s not something a scripter can make in an hour. It depends extremely heavily on the scripter you’re hiring. I prefer finding a scripter rather than making a hiring post since I can ask him how much he’d personally charge.

It depends on how much detail you have in your Boss Fight and What it takes.

First thing is that there can be simple boss fights and the really Colorful ones, * When the boss hits the ground the there are colorful powers all over the place.*

those are a little expensive.

I got a rly skilled programmer to do it for 20k, I believe it was a good price, wby?
It had lots of things in it for him to do, so ye.