How much does the average well-built restaurant cost?

Right, so recently I have been working on scripting and developing a restaurant, until coming to the realisation that even though I’m almost done, I can’t build for the life of me. I’ve been looking into hiring builders etc, but can’t imagine finding someone to work with with my pace of development that I’m currently putting in (School, work, etc) because I also like to work at my own pace.

I was thinking if this was a thing, working closely with a builder for them to build a nice looking restaurant for me with my supervision, implementing features that I wanted or needed. I was just wondering whether the payment that builders usually take and whether they would prefer to take an up front payment or whether they would want something from the group funds such as a percentage.

Currently, I am miles off finishing a game that is fully functioning. Hopefully one day in the future I can continue to work on my project and hopefully end up with something that is playable, hopefully increasing my hours put into my work when school has finished, in which then I will be able to hire a full time builder who can work closely with me.

If I was going to buy a restaurant, or work on one with someone, I would need it to be detailed. I wouldn’t want some simple restaurant that anyone could build with a bit of practice, something that is up there with the top. I just wanted to know the average price of what I would be looking to playing, so I can start ploughing some of my money into Roblox premium to build up the funds that I can possibly use.

Any feedback or input would be great, because frankly, even after a bit of research about the subject I’m still not entirely sure. Thanks.

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Hello! Asking for prices in against the forum rules! Sorry for the inconvenience!


Does this fall under the category? I’m not planning to sell anything, I’m just looking for an average price of what I should sell it for.

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It’s still not allowed, you can’t ask for prices, and you can’t sell anything atm either.


Yes, even if your trying to sell it or not, it will be considered spam.


Bringing a modeler who will build and maintain a project like that would probably place them at a 15-25% revenue distribution. This is a completely abstract number and is up to the developers to negotiate, but that’s typically where medium intensity building projects will ball park around.

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