How much gore is too much?

I uploaded this colour mask for an in-game model and received one of those warning messages from roblox about it, to be honest I don’t think it’s that bad, are there ways to get around this or do I just have to tone down the ‘gore’?



I would say the blood itself here isn’t the issue, but the human like hand. It implies a much more realistic implication of the blood. I’m sure that was probably your goal, but could be what Roblox is moderating due to its realism. I’d also change up the color. The brighter the blood, the less realistic. What you made looks great, sorry it isn’t being approved. They really should add better descriptions to these notices.

If you try uploading with changes to make it less realistic and that doesn’t work you can always try to Appeal Your Content Moderation.


thats just moderaton being bad, there are tons of realistic gore games which exist till this day